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        Welcome to Jiaxing Dadi Textile Co., Ltd. !

        About us

        Jiaxing Dadi Textile Co., Ltd. is an all-round enterprise engaged in dyeing, spinning, knitted woolen fabrics, high-grade cashmere sweaters and high-end fashion dresses. At present, we are a specialized manufacturer of yarns (carded yarns, worsted yarns, semi-worsted yarn and OE yarns), high-grade knitted fabric as well as high-end fashion dresses and cashmere sweaters, which feature superb quality and favorable prices and are in great demands both in China and international market.

        As the key developed products of our company, our top-grade Merino wool type big-round-knitter-made knitting fabrics can be used as the substitutes of top-grade knitting fashionable dress's fabrics (At present, all top-grade knitting fashionable dress's fabrics are imported from international market), and are widely used in knitted underwear, high-grade fashion dresses and scarves, etc. Now, we have cooperated with famous brand companies in garment industry; customers are highly satisfied with our products.

        "Heshunxiang" brand high-grade cashmere sweaters series and "Yaminu" brand high-end fashion dress series are the independent brands developed by our company in recent years. Using pure and high-quality cashmere as raw material, "Heshunxiang" is a brand featured with such ideas as harmony, elegance, simpleness, taste and vogue. Our "Yaminu" brand high-end fashion dress series are made of quality Merino wool. Due to such designing concept of being sample, classical, elegant and fashionable, our "Yaminu" brand high-end fashion dresses are the best choice of successful personage.

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